Morphometry of fossil algae


Morphometry is the study of form, shape, and size in organisms.

Biometry is the science and technology of measuring and statistically analyzing biological data. Biometry originates from statistical applications for agriculture, but its scope now includes diverse areas of the life sciences by the application of statistics, probability, mathematics, system analysis, and computer science.
In information technology, biometry usually refers to technologies for measuring and analyzing human body characteristics such as fingerprints, eye retinas, and voice patterns, especially for authentication someone.

Biostatistics usually refers to the application of statistics to the biological sciences. Statistics is a set of tools for collecting and summarizing data, and for using the data to draw inference from the population which it is supposed to represent. The statistical methods used in biostatistics do not differ substantially from those used in statistics.


Morphometry of modern Chlorococcales and fossil Leiosphaeridia (algae)

Dinoflagellater: mätningar och klassifikation  In Swedish

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Biometrics is a means of identifying a person by measuring a particular physical or behavioral characteristic and later comparing it to a library of characteristics belonging to many people.
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